Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NaBloPoMo: Just Add Questions

"Nablopomo: Making blogs suck in October since 2006."

I have decided to join in NaBloPoMo, which means I have to post once a day, every day in November. Sometimes I think is no problem, as sometimes I can whip off two or three posts in a day. On the other hand, sometimes I go for like, a week, without posting anything (ok, I don't think it's ever been as much as a week. Has it?) and also, lots of people who've done it before seem to think it may become a wee bit tough.

So I am requesting your help. I realise this, which basically amounts to a de-lurking post, may be coming a bit soon after the actual de-lurking post, and that you may not yet have recovered from the stresses of that one, but I'm asking you to give it a shot.

Think of a question you want to ask me, post it in the comments, and hopefully I will be able to babble enough crap in answer to it to pass as a whole post sometime in November.

(Someone actually did this as their de-lurking post but I can't remember who it was. Thanks for this blantant ripoff of your idea, whoever that was.)


  1. You could do a whole post about how fabulous I am....... *gaffaw*

    I tend to post everyday anyway, wonder if I can keep it up knowing that I *have* to do it.....

    Good luck!

    If you pop over to my blog and click on my NoBlo- whatever badge it will take you to my page and I can add you as a friend :)

  2. I wouldn't mind a post about the pubs and clubs we will be visiting when i get there....you know what the place is like, what kind of crowd goes there, your favourite drink (that is only if you have more than one fav drink)Names and phone numbers of any hottie bartenders?

  3. What is your general opinion about men? Do you think they have some common bad or good qualities?

    Who are the "few good men" you would be thankful to in your life? Have you had any awful experiences with any men? (I am not asking any personal things)


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