Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Streamed Direct From My Laptop

I was a little sceptical about this 'Streamed Direct From The US' thing that all the tv stations are pulling. Obviously it's not "streamed" "direct." At one stage it was two weeks later that we got one show. I'm not complaining, cos that is pretty good compared to in the past, when we've waited years, or compared to certain other shows I could mention, that haven't appeared this season at all.

HOWEVER. Do not give me this 'we can't show you the preview cos the show hasn't aired in the US yet' shit. So what if the show hasn't aired yet? The preview has, duh. And that's what you need to show us mkay?

AND THEN. If we see House only one day (one day! how good is that?!) behind, that means the recap is not up immediately following the screening here.

Which means I have nothing more to procrastinate with. Oh wait, luckily Facecrack still wants to invite me to be a zombie, a vampire, and a slayer. Phew. Dodged a (n essay-shaped) bullet there.


  1. Those typa bullets are crap. All my sympathy to you em.

  2. carlabalala7:45 pm

    Are you now joining my vampire army? (bares fangs leeringly)

    At least you HAVE House. And hello, it's the internet, there's SO much shit to procrastinate with. For those of us who aren't out there working our arses off to try win an election that is.


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