Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Great Mofo Delurk

So, today is the 3rd of October, 2007.

Meaning ... hi everybody! What's up?

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

Possible topics for discussion:

1. I hate jeans shopping. Also bathers (swimmers? bathing suit?) shopping. And yet! I found a pair of jeans today! In size 10! That also fit me! (I did do a lot of the first two before the third happened, incidentally.)

2. My phone has shat itself. Again. (I have had it a long time, and I did make it ride on the scooter, which it seems to dislike.) What was the best phone you ever had? The worst? What is the bestest phone right at this moment that I should absolutely go out and buy right the hell now?

3. House is on tonight! And Heroes starts tomorrow! Grey's? Private Practice? Where are you? And Sea Patrol? What returning or new tv shows are you most excited about? And also, am I a horrible person if I've already read the recaps before the shows air here in Australia?

4. Or, you could just say hi. Please?


  1. Hi Missy

    I HATE jeans shopping with a passion! To start with I'm 4 foot nothing (well just a little taller), so everything has to be taken up. Secondly, I have no waist (or no hips depending on the way you look at it) so I usually find that boy jeans fit better.

    I curse putting on weight, and double curse the fact that I actually gave away my FAT jeans. And don't even get me started on swimmers... ;)

  2. I think it's physically impossible to be nice when you get home at 10:55p and discover that your television shat upon itself at about 7p ... right about the time the ol' Tivo was set to start recording all kinds of fun stuff to sit at home and watch but I'm gonna try anyway ...

    H... nope.

    Hel ... no no no. That can't be right

    FU*K!!! As much as I'd like to think that's the one, maybe not.

    one more ... c'mon ... just two ... little ... letters ...


    Can I just say I've had a little too much Mtn Dew this evening. Just sayin'.

  3. hi,
    i've already seen grey's and private practice.
    do you love me anyway?
    i think you do...

  4. I love jeans shopping

    I've seen Heroes, but been waiting for House on tele

    De-lurking, here via Blogpond. I should be back :)

  5. I am hanging out for House tonight! I LOVE that show so much!
    Also, hate jeans shopping and I just don't bother with swimmers anymore. Go the boardies! Much more gratifying shopping in the men's section.

  6. carlabalala6:43 pm

    I must put up my hand and also agree that I hate jeans shopping. Unfortunately, jeans are my life and the only pants I look remotely okay in, so I must suffer everytime old faithful starts looking tatty again. Togs? Don't even go there.

    The bestest phone in the whole wide world was my black Motorola flip-phone. They stopped making them about three months after I purchased mine. Three years later and the battery just ain't what it used to be and alas, I had to retire it. Can't bring myself to throw it away, and so it sits on my desk, so I can look at it and shake my head nostaligically, contemplating how they don't make phones like they used to.

    Very jealous that those new shows have already started, and that I DON'T GET THEM!!! STUPID CHANNEL SEVEN! EVEN STUPIDER CHANNEL TEN! Must wait for my contact to send me dvds and rely on TWOP in the meantime.

    (d'ya think this was long enough?)

  7. Hey chickie i hate jeans shopping too and as i'm fat now i'm going to need you to come jeans hopping with me when i get home!

  8. HI!

    Happy now? :)

    Ok, I'll give the other choices a try to since you asked for it.
    Buying pants in Australia is just strange, you have these strange sizes and apparently you only have one lenght size, which is weird.

    About the phone, I like those flip phones, like the Sony Ericsson V800 (maybe it's got another model name here in Australia). It's an old phone but still works fine.

    Maybe should give Heroes a look tomorrow, seems like a good show. I think we have to wait for the the new season of Greys, think they are making another season.
    And of course I expect to hear a Hi from you next I see you :).

  9. Hi! And also - I love Heroes!!! It has been my fave and I would totally read the recaps early.

  10. delurking to say hello and I don't like grey's anatomy. even though I live in seattle.

  11. Anonymous9:37 am

    hello from sf

    hereos started last week so I am two ahead of you, house rocks, grey's is greys, private practice isnt too bad.

  12. Sorry I am late.

    I am sad that Top Chef is over now.

  13. Well..... I don;t get to see half the Thursday night shows coz I'm @ Bball then I'm reffing. But i saw Heroes last night! YAY! It's Back! As for sea patrol that was the last episode wasn't it? MythBusters is on ATM.

    Skywalker out!


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