Friday, October 26, 2007

Shoes, as requested

Kelley demanded shoes, so shoes there will be.

The pretty pretty Hall Ball shoes are actually very well travelled. I first bought them for my friend Lolly's 21st. Or was it her Going Away? No, I'm sure it was her 21st. Anyway. She and I went out and bought pretty dresses and the aforementioned pretty shoes. And so, we were pretty.

Then I came to Adelaide, and bought a grey dress and decided I needed a non-existent shade of shoe to wear to Hall Ball. And of course, I couldn't. Not for want of trying mind you. Eventually I found a very pretty bag in a completely unrelated colour, bought ribbon in the same unrelated colour, attached it to my shoes and tied it around my ankles, and voila! Pink is the new imaginary colour.

AND THEN, there was another Hall Ball, in which my dress was pretty much the same as the colour of the bag I'd bought the year before, but the ribbon was no longer necessary as you wouldn't see my shoes anyway - the only requirement was high enough to keep my dress mostly off the ground, which my shoes definitely fulfilled.

Then I posted a post about Hall Ball, and Kelley demanded shoe photos, and I decided to tell the story of how I lost my pretty shoes. Which I haven't done yet. But it's coming.

One night, we lost our basketball grand final by one point. The mens team won theirs though, and since they were sponsored by the Cav, they got free drinks and so did we, for a little while. Then we got half-price drinks, which was good too. At some point we left the Cav and went to the Lost Arc, where we drank lots and lots of Skyy Blues. (Can I just say, ew.)

Then I remember being outside, not wanting a hot dog, but getting one bought for me anyway. There was a gutter in there somewhere too.

And then I remember being in my bed, waking up, and feeling like shit. Duuuude. Word on the street is that I woke the whole house up at 5am, coming in and um using the toilet. A lot.

Finally, here we are at the point of this very long and boring post. On Tuesday - and keep in mind the game was on Saturday - I found my shoes. (No, I wasn't aware they were lost.) They were in the front yard, where, I assume, I was also for some time during that memorable but not wholly remembered night.

And just in case that photo of shoes leaves didn't do it for you, here are the pretty shoes in all their prettiness (and 100% more blackness).

1 comment:

  1. Aaahhh, that's better.

    Shoes. Pretty pretty shoes. Stroke them for me will you?

    My poor broken big toe has prevented me from wearing pretty shoes these last couple of weeks and I am having serious withdrawls....


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