Saturday, October 13, 2007

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First of all, some very important information which could save your life one day, or at least prevent you from driving around the city for half to three-quarters of an hour: there is a 24-hour parking thing across the road from the Casino/Railway Station. It's down a one-way street (but that doesn't matter, does it Shelle?) off Hindley. You can thank me later.

I am spreading the blogging addiction around the Hall. One of my bestest friends has started a blog (and no, you can't blame me for any of it), so go check it out. Please? Go and look at her header at least. No, you should read the posts too. kthnxbye.

Moving on. Dude, do you remember A*mazing? (Sorry, Tiff, just realised this is another Aust-centric topic.) For those who had the unfortunate experience of growing up in another country or another time-frame, I am very sorry. A*mazing was the best show of all time. (In brackets we have my explanations that I realised I needed to provide for this to make any semblance of sense.)

Round One: I was always worried that they'd fall over. That keyboard looked hard to walk on.
(The kids had to spell out the answer to the question after they'd gotten it right. By stomping of the keys of a huge keyboard on the ground. The time left was how long they got in the maze.)

Round Two: The maze. Fricking brilliant. There was always one behind the cactus. How did they not learn that? I do remember one time a kid went straight to it. Clearly, he knew what he was doing in there. And the ones on the top of the entrance to the tunnel. Dude! It's right in front of you! And how did they always manage to not get the order of the monkeys right? I was sure I could do that part better. And haha on them when it took three tries and nothing was in there!
(The teams were sent into the maze to look for letters. Sometimes they'd pull out letters that weren't in their word - the answer to their question in Round One - which got them no points. The maze included a car (look in the boot!), ball pit, pirate cave, fireman pole, jungle walk, and mirrored doors. The Three Wise Monkeys flashed their eyes in a particular order, you punched their...stomachs? noses? in the right order and the stomach would open. Oh yeah, and when the kids got back, he'd tell them how many points they'd earned, and they'd do the high-five thing. Someone was always left hanging. I think they should've given points to the kids who did the best high-fives.)

Round Three: SuperNintendo smackdown! You could always tell who was going to win. Total gaming flashback. There's more at the A*mazing page on Wikipedia. Can you tell which round I was less interested in?

Bonus Round: The winning team went back into the maze one at a time to look for keys. One of them was the Bonus Key, which got them individual prizes (original Game Boy!). See: 'Round Two' for yelling and screaming, but so much more since we knew where the Bonus Key was and we knew when they missed it, the idiots! He would always psych them out with which one was the Bonus Key haha.

Man, A*Mazing was brilliant. And I kinda had a crush on the host, James Sherry. Bring back A*mazing!

And finally (god that was a bit much wasn't it), brought to you by Carla and Facecrack (haha that 'cracks' me up every time):

And PS. Dear Facebook: No, I don't want to join your Zombie Army. I don't want to take an IQ Test, and I don't want an Aquarium. Love Missy.


  1. Well, i do kind of remember it... great show... They were idiots, never remember where to find them... but oh well... WE WANT IT BACK!! WE WANT IT BACK!! WE WANT IT BACK!!

  2. oh, on a completely unrelated topic... I see that i am not on your 'My Favorite Blogs' list Could we rectify that. i mean ur on mine.

  3. Now that you've gone into it with such intrinsic detail... yes i DO remember that show!!!

    Though i didnt ever worry that they would fall off the floor! im sure that there is an Ocupational Health and Safety rule about making sure your game show hosts NEVER fall off of the key board pad! lol. Love you

  4. carlabalala5:58 pm

    I LOVE A*Mazing! The best show when I was a kid. Aaah, memories.

  5. blah blah blah you-live-in-australia blah...and then you want to eat at outback steakhouse when you come here.

    australiophile, i say.

    you have been called out.

  6. Sorry about the totally random comment, but I LOVE THIS SHOW! (fellow Aussie =D)
    I'm 15 now, so I watched it a lot when I was younger.
    Anyway, my friends and I were just reminiscing about old kids shows, and my friend mentioned this one, and I had to Google it.

    I love this blog about it too. =D


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