Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How about a list?

I wish I had been posting more lately. I wish funny/things were making their way onto my screen. Unfortunately, there are lots and lots of words that have to make their way to the stupid-ass drop box before a certain time, and I would like to blame that for my lack of interesting writing lately.

In the absence of intelligent/humour writing, how about a list? We love lists! Cool, okay, here it is: The Update (that really isn't) List...

- Thank you to all the people all over the interwebs who participated in the Great Mofo Delurk. It really was great seeing people not hiding on blogs all over the place. (My major? English. Why do you ask?)

- I actually only have two more essays to do. (And four tests and a website.) As I keep being reminded, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

- In between all that I have/have had Formal Dinner: Wild West last Friday, Pub Crawl 2 this Friday, and Hall Ball next Saturday.

Drunken Missy at Formal Dinner. Please note the pink cowgirl hat that NO-ONE ELSE had. Also, Hall Ball from last year, in case you forgot.

- For this year's Hall Ball, I decided to wear my Year 12 Graduation Dress, as a nice kind of symmetry, what with this being my (hopefully) last year of uni. I had to get it altered, as it turns out I put on a bit of weight in the past five years. Whoda thought? I had the fitting for it today, and it looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

The dress in 2002. Also, further evidence that I was a skinny bitch back then. Who had no boobs. Ha-ha skinny me!

- House has new fellows! Lots of them! And there're new Heroes! And some other stuff happened, too. The new game plan is that I'm allowed to read the little summaries on the main page, but not the recaps. That's fair enough, right?

- I made a big huge list of things to do in San Francisco, LA, and Vegas. Once I clean it up a bit, it will become its own post. Stay tuned.

- Turns out it is possible to send weather through the mail. We had a lovely 30-degree day. Thanks V2! Also, photo/woodwork/pretty things/you're so jealous of me post coming up.

Basically, nothing else is happening. My days are spent at my computer, which would be very boring if I were not checking blogs every so often when I should be doing my essay. Actually, you guys don't post every minute of the day so it is boring. What's been happening? Most exciting thing that happened to you this week?


  1. carlabalala5:03 pm

    Um... I got my hair cut and dyed... That's about the most exciting thing that's happened to me this week.

  2. Well if you had bothered to check my Blog recently you would have noticed that there are THREE NEW POSTS that you can comment on: OK?


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