Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sick of my computer screen

That's right. I'm sorry it has come to this. But really, since I did basically nothing during the first one and three quarter weeks of the holidays, my last couple of days have consisted of the following routine:

- my alarm goes off.
- I hit snooze.
- my alarm goes off.
- I set it for anywhere between half an hour and an hour later.
- my alarm goes off.
- I turn it off.
- I lay in bed. I may or may not fall back to sleep but I sure as hell am not out of bed.
- I finally decide to get up.
- I turn on my computer and my Ikea lamp.
- I check my Bloglines and Television Without Pity and my email.
- I have a shower and get dressed.
- I re-check my Bloglines etc.
- I have a spoonful of Nutella.

THEN, and only then, can I start work on my essays. Which also takes place in front of my computer screen. My essay breaks? More Bloglines or TWOP or msn-ing people.


I would love to be at the beach, or at work back home, as long as I was outside, doing things. And also warm.

Saturday, Sunday, and today I did not go outside until the sun was down. Daylight? Never heard of it. (Well, certainly haven't seen it.) Luckily for me, classes start back up again tomorrow, something I can't quite get my head around. My head is going to have a hell of a shock when it has to go to FIVE CLASSES IN A ROW AND OH MY LORD SHE BETTER FINISH ON TIME THIS TERM SO HELP ME GOD.

I did finish an essay tonight. I wrote 84 words before I had to go to dinner, and when I came back I wrote the other 1916. I was finished by 11 o'clock. That's some mad typing skillz there. Unfortunately, the process I've gotten into requires way too much time organising beforehand. (It also requires me to actually do some work every now and then, but that neither here nor there for this discussion.) I really want to come up with a better system. I actually only have three more essays in which to perfect it though so I don't like my chances.

Next essay topic: blogging. No, for real.

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