Sunday, October 14, 2007

Meanwhile, after a trip to Subway...

Gotta get this straight (get it?), guys. Get a pen. Write this down.

Shelle Number One gets Missy Number One.

Shelle #2 gets The Gun.
Missy #2 gets Shopping Boy.

Shelle #3 gets Jenni.
Missy #3 gets Johnny Depp.

Shelle #4 gets Band Boy.
Missy #4 gets the men from Grey's Anatomy.

Shelle #5 gets Hugh Laurie (on loan to Missy on alternate weekends in exchange for Johnny Depp).

Shelle #6 gets the vacuum cleaner in the library with the horse.

Clearly Missy is missing out on something.


PS No more Subway cookies for you. Who knows what they put in them.


  1. What are you talking about?!?

  2. I have no idea. Obviously.

  3. Oh man! Now i want subway cookies real bad!!!!


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