Monday, October 08, 2007

The last word on the subject

I got my biopsy results today. It is a confirmed fibro-adenoma. You can stand down from whatever level alert you had been placed on. But maybe you could still go buy some pretty pink things. Cheers.


  1. carlabalala8:09 pm

    Well thank goodness!

    Glad you're all good.

  2. whew!!!!!

  3. that is good news.
    however, there is also bad news: the attachment you sent me (the list of everything you could ever possibly want to do while near the west coast of the U.S.) would never open for me.
    can you try again?
    or maybe just make it a blog post or something?

    sorry i didn't get back to you about it sooner, but i was out of town and i thought maybe it was just my friend's craptastic computer. but, now i'm home, and still nothing.


  4. thanks guys.

    tiff, i'll get back to you on that.


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