Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New Buttons, New Leaf

I have two new buttons in my sidebar.

The first one (that I'm talking about it, because it was neither the first one put there, nor the first one as you look at it, unless you are scrolling upwards) is for NaBloPoMo, wherein participants post a blog post every day during November. I was all set to start yesterday, but it turns out it's still October, and will be for about a month. So go join, the more posts you post, the more I can be not doing my essays!

The second one is for The Great Mofo Delurk, which is being held on October 3rd (which, as it turns out, is this month) which may be tomorrow or possibly the day after, depending on where you live.

Apparently, there is some interwebs-wide decrease in commenting lately. As it was pointed out, a decrease is a decrease, whether it's 500 to 250, or 2 down to 1, and I do think that commenters are an important part of a blog.

Unfortunately, I am shite at commenting, while still expecting comments from everyone who passes by this way. So there's that.

I think that feed readers may have a part to play - I know that I don't feel the post is as personal unless I actually go to the site. People put effort into their designs, and they are a reflection of their personality in a way, so although I am kind of in love with the immediacy of Bloglines, I do think it detracts from the enjoyment. Also, obviously, it's another click to actually post a comment. Oh, the effort!

What to do? If you only allow partial feeds, then I'm forced to visit your site. In this case:
- You have visitors actually visiting, not just readers reading.
- I am already there means I might be more likely to comment?
- You forced me to do something which means I'm not going to oblige you by commenting?

Personally, I don't like commenting for the sake of commenting, because I feel stupid saying 'good post' or 'haha'.* However, I personally would prefer that, someone saying hi! I've been here! I did read it!, to no comment at all. I think the feed thing contributes to this, in that I am reading every post as it happens (uni student with nothing but time on my hands here) whereas before I wouldn't be going to every blog every day. If there's a couple of new posts to read, then I am more likely to comment on one of them.

*The same goes for super-mega-popular blogs: how many times can commenters say OMFG Noah is the cutest baby EVER before it gets repetitive? And redundant. Not that he's not, but I agree with what everyone else said - what is the point in me saying it too?

HOWEVER. (God I babbled a lot of shit there, didn't I?) NO LONGER.

I will be a changed commenter. If I read, I will comment. I promise. Most especially on the 3rd of October, but for ever after as well.

More commenting, less mindless clicking on the next post in the feed.

What is your stance on comments/ing/ers? Am I just babbling shit? Will I keep up the more-commenting resolution? Am I only asking these questions to avoid essays? Only time (and comments) will tell.


  1. i do not know how to use those feed thing-things. i don't even think my blog has a working rss thing-thing, but i don't know, because i'm not really clear about what any of that means, anyway.

    i'm with you on feeling weird about commenting when i don't actually have anything to say...but at the places where i do read everyday (amalah, zoot...) i try to comment at least once every couple of posts.

    although, for the record, i don't think amy ever gets tired of hearing about how much we all love noah.

  2. carlabalala6:48 pm

    Unfortunately for you Em, comment when you have something to say is my opinion. You're just lucky I'm rarely at a loss for words! Yes you babble shit but we love you anyway [and we'll read it regardless ;) ] Nope, don't think you'll keep up the more commenting resolution, but I have faith that you'll at least try! And yes, you, like me, will do almost anything to avoid essays. Procrastinators Unite! (tomorrow!)

  3. Tiffany, your blog does magically appear on my bloglines whenever there's a new post, but I have little to no idea about how this actually works.

    Thanks Carla, you know I always appreciate your input. No, really!


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