Friday, October 05, 2007

I have to think to come up with one, so no, you do not get a title

Blarrghhhhhhhhh. My brain has turned to a blobby mess of melted down ... something. (Ooh! Chocolate ice-cream! No! Stay on task!) Do not expect coherency. You are in the wrong place for logicality and also words that belong in the English language. That's not how we roll.

The two English essays due today? Done and handed in and crossed off my wall.

The Crime Fiction one had way too many quotes and way too few original thoughts (see above, where a title usually resides) but he gave me a 90 last time. (Don't you like how many times in the past week or so I have managed to work that 90 into posts about things entirely unrelated?)

The Web Publishing one. Hmm. Instead of a proper essay with footnotes and research from books and whatnot, I ... made a webpage. Not a fancy one or anything, just so that I could include ten bajillion links to blogs and newspaper sites (which coincidentally, are what the essay was supposed to be about) and journal articles (which they like if you look at sometimes).

They are either going to see this as completely brilliant or a total and utter gimmicky cop-out of actually writing an essay. I am seriously hoping it's the former.

Either way, the essays have disappeared into the assy drop-box and taken all of my brain cells with them. Which is fine, because me and my cowgirl hat don't need them for tonight anyway.


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  1. dude make sure theres lots of photos of you wasted!


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