Monday, April 30, 2007

Room Inspections Rant

Hi Missy
I'll be back on Friday to see a clean room and carpet.
:) Bec

Seriously. What. the. FUCK. I am so pissed right now. I feel incredibly violated somehow. Aside from that, let's address the issue. I did three loads of laundry last night. This morning my clothes were still all clean and warm in my basket. I started sorting them into piles so I could put them away, but didn't finish before I had to go UNI HALL EVENT basketball practice. Added to the fact that we don't know when room inspections are going to be (anytime this and next week) and that they're specifically NOT telling people when theirs will be, there is no chance in hell that my carpet is going to be clean when she comes back. I LIVE HERE. THIS IS MY LIVING SPACE. THIS IS NOT A COMMON AREA. MY CLOTHES CAN BE WHEREVER THE HELL THEY WANT TO BE. Room inspections are supposed to be about whether we've drunkenly punched holes in the walls or something. Not fricking clothes on the floor.

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  1. carlabalala8:35 pm

    Eh! Tell them by cleaning your room you'll send your feng shi (shui?) out of whack, creating a domino effect whereby your grades decline, you get kicked out of uni, your future rich doctor husband marries a gold digger because you didn't meet him at your graduation (where he was also graduating), losing his connection to the Australian newspaper and various publishers, so that you no longer become Editor-in-Chief of the Australian, become a pauper and die alone. Also, of the 3 children you would've had with said doctor, one would discover the cure for cancer, one would win a nobel peace prize for bringing peace in the middle east, and the other would discover a way to reverse the devastating effect of global warming (WHICH EXISTS, HOWARD). OH! And also cheating you out of your $50 million divorce settlement with said doctor, which would've allowed you to buy your own private island where you live in peace with {insert toyboy's name here}. You won't really need to think up of a name because she would've already walked off in frustration ticking you off as having a clean room.

    No need to thank me. I'll take 10% of that divorce settlement thanks.


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