Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter at Aldinga Beach Pt 1

Aldinga via Christie's Beach

Hi! I'm back! You didn't notice what? Well, I WAS gone. And now I'm back!

So. We went to Aldinga for the weekend. V drode the Scarlet Lady and SW and I took the hire car. No, I didn't crash it. Are you proud? Now, we had very very strict instructions from V to NOT go to Victor Harbour. I don't know what he has against Victor Harbour, but apparantly we were under no circumstances allowed to go on any road that might lead there.

Quick, turn the other way!

Oops. So, this is where we are:

And this is where we need to be: Waaaay over there.

Me: Ok, where do we need to go?
SW: Ummm.
Me: Dude!
SW: Ok, ok, I'm looking, just wait a second.
Me: There's a thing up ahead.
SW: Ok, there's gonna be a thing up ahead.
Me: [Grrr.]
SW: You need to go either left or straight ahead.
Me: Which way do I go?
SW: You have to pick one, either left or straight ahead.
Me: I'm not picking one! Which one do we need?
SW: It doesn't matter, either one, just go left or straight ahead.
SW: Go right.

1 comment:

  1. HAHAHA! Sounds like a car trip with my family.

    Tis' beautiful though!


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