Monday, April 16, 2007

Poor SL, nobody loves you

I'm going to the movies tomorrow with ALyn. She told me a big long story about how she has to go to the doctors, which is really almost at Flinders, so it's totally on her way (um, Flinders is on the way to Glenelg, where the cinema is, anyway) and she can totally pick me up. NO NEED FOR ME TO RIDE MY SCOOTER.

But see, the thing is, I like riding my scooter. A car is primarily a way to get from Point A to Point B. I go for rides on my scooter for no reason at all. I invent things that I have to pick up from Marion just so I can go for a ride. It's fun. (And cold, sometimes, which is neither here nor there right now, but I expect it will be closer to here when winter actually comes.)

Point is, yes being on the roads is dangerous. It's dangerous in a car, truck, bus, motorbike, and scooter. I've dropped my scooter once, and most likely will do it again. If y'all are concerned about the safety of scooter-driders, pay attention when you're driving your big fat cars.

I'm a decent drider; if you are a good car driver, then everything will be fine.

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