Sunday, April 15, 2007

Photo Journal: The Boys, Week Two

On Thursday, we went to the Beach House. Note that my dress is absolutely soaked, while skywalker is pretty much bone dry.

We went for a ride on a tram, cos that's what you have to do at Glenelg. (It was one of the ugly new, smooth, airconned ones, not this old, rustic, rattley, awesome one.) We had icecream, cos that's what you have to do every single day if you're with SW. AND THEN WE SAW HOUSE'S MOTORCYCLE! And then we saw House. He looks different in person doesn't he. Then we had dinner at Hog's Breath. Mmmm curly fries.

Friday we went iceskating. And DID NOT fall over. At all. Ever. For real. Awesome hey. And damn we're cute.

Saturday we made an awesome dinner in the awesome flat. (Yes I did actually give the keys back. I'm so insulted you'd think otherwise.)

And then we had to go to the airport. Where we sat around.

And were very silly and happy.

But now we are very very sad. Cos the boys have gone home. And I have to write essays now.

But we cheered up. Holidays! I love holidays! Shoes all around!

And GUESS WHAT?! (Even though you guys are never very good at this game, I'm asking anyway.)

Yep, that's right, Carla's coming to visit me! Whooo!

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