Sunday, April 22, 2007


When we cooked dinner for our guests, Awesome Flat 1 didn't have enough forks. Like a good little hostess, I brought down two of mine. When we were packing up the flat, and doing the washing up, I reminded everyone to not put my forks in with the flat's forks.

My forks got left there. Of course.

Yesterday (or maybe the day before. i'm not sure) as I went to the back gate to move my scooter, I noticed the door to the flat was open. There were electrical-type cords running out the door and around the side of the building, so I guess that was why.

Like the total criminal mastermind I am, I waltzed right in to the flat, flicked the light on, grabbed my forks, and strolled out.*

*I had already bought new forks by this point.
The old ones are still in the Scarlet Lady cos I didn't want to be the crazy girl wandering around with forks in her hand.


When the boys were here, we were going to have sausage rolls for dinner. Except we couldn't cos someone had stolen them. From my fridge. (Well, from my area's fridge.)

Apparently I am not the only one as we've had a bunch of phone messages about locking our fridges and labelling our food with our room number etc etc. It seems the messages are not getting through.

But then: Eri left some cordial and I left some beer in our respective fridges. We did not want these things and thought some thirsty person could steal them for us. Turns out unlabelled stuff stays in the fridge FOREVER.* Must remember this next time I have food I don't actually want stolen.

*Of course, I'm down to one bottle of beer now that everyone's coming back from holidays. It was just a temporary non-theft period.**

**Except not really because someone's been using my butter. Not that I really care cos I never actually buy it, I was only using it this past week cos I had it, but still, STEALING IS WRONG. DON'T DO IT.

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