Friday, April 20, 2007

Part of Me

I wear certain pieces of jewellery every day. I almost always take my jewellery off before going to bed or having a shower, but when I'm done sleeping or showering, it goes straight back on.

Things I always wear:
1. My watch. I added the spare link to it as an easy way of not losing it when I came back here and never took it out, so I now wear my watch on the inside of my wrist instead of the 'normal' way, but apart from that, I've worn a watch all the time since I was in year 8.

2. My ring. In high school I always wore my signet ring, and then that and the ring I got for my 18th. I stopped wearing rings when I started working, but I'm now back to wearing a plain silver ring on the middle finger of my right hand.

3. A bracelet. In high school, I had a silver ID bracelet that I always wore. When I went to NYC I bought a Tiffanys bracelet and I wore that for a while. While I was working I had to have something on my wrist (but I didn't want anything fragile) so I always wore my navy or lilac adidas wristbands or my Red Nose Day one. Now I usually wear a hot pink or navy beaded bracelet, but I've gotta have something on my wrist.

And 4. As you may have noticed in numerous photos, I always wore the same necklace/choker thing. Three round colourful beads I guess on a black band. It goes with pretty much everything and I love it. But last night disaster struck...

Somewhere on the floor in Shenannigans, along with lots of dirt and broken glass, is the third bead thing from my necklace. If anyone finds it and returns it to me, I will totally give them all the change from last night that's sitting in the bottom of my bag because my wallet doesn't have a coin zip, meaning I think I'm poorer than I am cos there's no money in my wallet.

If anyone can send me the link of where I can go to replace it, I will buy you a totally nice birthday present with all the aforementioned change.

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