Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We Built This City

On Saturday morning, I stole borrowed a car and drove to the airport. I picked up the boys, and we drove to McDonalds for breakfast. We drove around the uni, then to the Hall, then to Marion, then to their caravan park. That night, I drove them to Brighton for dinner.

Now, we've all been to Adelaide a bajillion times. The boys have driven and been driven around it a lot. I've never driven in Adelaide (unless you count that one time down the highway between like Laura and Clare or somewhere) but I've been all over it, as have we all, in cars, buses, trains, trams.

This time, somehow, it was me driving them around my city. My little grid of Sturt Rd, South Rd, Cross Rd, Diagonal Rd, Marion Rd, it's mine.

Welcome to My City.

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