Friday, April 27, 2007

Other people think I'm smart

It seems that having people to distract you for the most of the lead-up to an essay's due date, forcing you to dismiss them so you can sit down in front of the computer and fill it up with words in six hours or less is actually conducive to writing an impressive essay.

Awesome Lisa: Missy, your essay was awesome. You did a great job.
Me: The huh? Oh, I mean, thanks!


I'm going to be writing the recap of the girls basketball games for the yearbook. A whole page? On three games? Good thing we already know I can be very long-winded when it comes to basketball escapades.*

It's just ... kinda odd. Sometimes I get all, these people don't like me, and I take that and run with it, and some of the time I am totally going to town with the imagining. I'm there right about now and I don't know if I am imagining it or if I'm being very perceptive. Either way, it's not really a good place to be coming from when I have to fill up a page with 'amusing anecdotes' and 'funny quotes' about those exact people.

Overthinking it? Yeah, probably.


Just realised I didn't say what I actually got. I mean, it would have been hilarious (but not) if Lisa was all, great job, and I was like, I know right?! and then my essay was all like, C dude, you got a C.

I got an 80. Or a Distinction. Which one sounds better?

*Ess-ca-pay. I wonder what that means? That's funny, it's spelt just like the word 'escape'!


  1. vsquared4710:26 pm

    A "D" is OK I guess, particularly when you weren't actually expecting it.
    But I tend to think it was the people who were wasting your time, and whom you had to push out to independence for a day, that actually inspired you to this great achievement.
    So credit where it's due please!

    And as far as whether some people do or don't like you - who is it that in recent months had/will have certain people travel 3000kms specially to spend some time with you.
    Don't worry, you can' win them all, just ry to win the importlant ones.

  2. carlabalala8:27 pm

    YAY! A "D" is always freaking fantastic, especially when you've crammed it! That's my secret anyway. Not that you should. Children, today's important lesson is be prepared. (but cramming works too!)

    And I absolutely agree with vsquared... focus on the important ones, who are willing to suffer 6 sleepless nights, horribly cold weather, and travel thousands of kilometers just so they can visit you for a couple of days. But then don't listen to me I'm biased :)

    11 sleeps to go...!

  3. only a few other people think you are smart... they are the minority....


    and a D is pretty bad... personally i get A+++++++++++++ for everything

    Skywalker out


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