Monday, April 16, 2007

Things to do to Carla

Visit the Hall.

Visit Flinders (make her walk all the way up to SSS so she truly appreciates the hills I have to walk up all the damn time).

Harbourtown, if she's in the mood to spend money.

Ice-skating, if she's in the mood to be cold.

The Beach House? Paddleboating? Shopping in the city?


Anything I missed out?

And if anyone else wants to come visit, I am more than willing to draw up an Adelaide-visiting plan for you too.


  1. carlabalala6:44 pm

    I'm in the mood for all those things! Is there late night shopping? We can fit more in if there's late night shopping.

  2. Late night shopping in the city on Fridays. Not at Harbourtown, but we can do that during the day. You can come to a real live class if you want to, but no big deal if we miss it.

  3. skywalker8:36 pm

    I wanna come down!!!

    (and go on the water bumpercars)


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