Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

As I said, this is my first Easter on my own. Last Easter was my first away from home, but my boys came down to visit me and have lots of fun and go on Easter-egg hunts and Aldinga Beach hunts.

Easter at home means chocolate, scones, and lots of church.

I remember I managed to get out of Holy Thursday mass at the end there. Work? Basketball? Teenage tantrum? Something like that. Good Friday was always long and freaking hot. Ironically, we got out of church on Saturday, the day that we usually had to go. I actually really liked Easter Sunday, because, dude, it's Easter.

First, there would be Easter eggs. The Easter Bunny always left some for our cousins as well, which was nice of him. Then there was mass, which was always ridiculously early in the morning but everyone was wearing pretty colours and there were always heaps of our friends there and everyone was happy. Then, THEN, we would go to the cousins' house for morning tea. And not just any morning tea - scones. (We will come back to this.) And of course there would be Easter eggs for us there as well. (Does that seem weird to anyone else? Like, why didn't ours all show up in our fridge and theirs in their fridge? And how did the Easter Bunny make sure it all balanced out? So many questions.) And we would be tortured by oldies music and jokes and maybe go for a swim or watch a movie and definitely eat a lot of chocolate. (I was actually always slow on eating chocolate after that first day. I stretched it out for a good long time. Anyone else do that?)

This year was just a little bit different. I had uni and work all day Thursday. Friday, Jess and Eric came over. They and the housemates played Risk while I watched the Friends marathon. We got fish and chips for dinner then the boys watched Rambo while Jess and I watched The Patriot. Then we all watched some poker championship thing. (A lot of watching here. But hey! It's a holiday.)

Saturday, I worked all day. On the way home I went to Coles who were shut (bastards). Which means no scones for me. Seriously, that is what Easter means to me. Scones, fresh from the oven. Even if I had to burn make them myself.

Unfortunately, that was not to be. Instead, I slept in Easter Sunday til like midday. (Oh yeah, I've still got it.) Talked to the boys. For breakfast - cheating on scones with hot cross buns. My plans for the rest of the day include tv, internet, and straightening my hair for tomorrow (Oakbank races).

Wow, that was long. What are your Easter traditions? What do you need to have for it to feel like Easter? And are you any good at making scones?

PS: No Easter eggs magically showed up in my fridge this morning. But the Housemate did bring some home from work yesterday which he then left out all loose in the door of the fridge. I'm thinking they will 'magically' disappear before he gets home today.


  1. carlabalala8:59 pm

    Sunday means morning mass, coming back to the house for brekkie, where mum hides a packet of easter eggs around the house, forgets to count how many she hid so that for the rest of the year we're constantly finding them, all melted and gross.

    It's not Easter without an easter egg hunt. And you haven't had an Easter unless you're finding eggs for the rest of the year.

  2. I can't remember Easter as a kid. Probably boring non denominational stuff cause my mother is not very creative.

    For my kids it is always breaking out the new pj's and dressing gowns and going out in the frost covered lawn to look for eggs. Then cocopops with chocolate milk and choc chips.

    But this year it was HOT and I was pissed. And the chocolate melted and we didn't have any chocolate milk (and I made some but it is so not the same!) and I had a tantrum.

    I am such a mature adult.


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