Friday, March 07, 2008

Be Careful

You should always listen to your friends. They are always right.

Even when "You could get hurt" sounds a lot like "You might get in too deep considering there's a limited time-frame here."

You should know that they're psychic and are actually saying "He could decide that you might get hurt and therefore yell at you for being a typical woman even though you had no intention of getting hurt and JUST WANTED TO HAVE SOME FUN DAMMIT."

They may also be saying "He could decide that you have made him violate some kind of guy code and therefore... No actually, he won't reach a conclusion, you will have to end it and then pretend that we're all best mates from now on."

Screw you, all my friends, for being right. But thank you so so much for listening to my rant at 2/3/4am. You are the best.

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