Sunday, March 09, 2008

Never Mind

So, the discussion about the strip club turned out to be academic. (Wow, strip club and academic in the same sentence, who'da thought?)

The Lads have decided that it should be a Lads Night. Which ... I said that right at the start (and not just because I was being a chickenshit about going).

We have been invited to partake of the festivities ... AFTER midnight.

Some of the girls (not me, see above re: chickenshit) got a bit offended at being disinvited, and declined the generous timeslot we'd been offered.

So we're going to the movies. That'll show 'em.


  1. You probably aren't missing much.

    Tis many years since I saw the inside of such a place, but the common feature of them is poor quality plumbing (known of smelly loos), over priced drinks, "security" staff even bigger and dumber than the average, and at least 50% of clientel wishing they were somewhere else.
    And the boys will have more (tho' probably still not much) fun without the girls.

    Did I mention the overpriced drinks?

  2. i hope you go see juno!

  3. Turns out all of us had seen Juno but we all said we'd see it again.

    Ended up seeing Atonement. Meh.


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