Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The World Is Crazy

- has been hijacked! Stop by for some babbling. (Everyone: We get that here, durrrrr.)

- We walked to Brighton today. For everyone NOT in Adelaide, that is a long way. Not as long as Jetty Bar to home, but long. Especially in 40 degree heat. (FENIA: That is HOT.)

- The BA Office has sent me two letters, in which they:

(a) offered me admission to the BA [which ... I already have] and subsequently informed me that
(b) graduation is in April [which ... first of all, I want to do Honours, not graduate, and second of all, you just offered me admission, think I'm going to get through four years in two months?] and also were happy to tell me that
(c) I am eligible to apply for Honours [which ... I ALREADY DID THAT].

So I've filled out the form that I already filled out and gave to them, and now I have to see the convenor I already saw, and hand the form in at my their earliest convenience.

HOPEFULLY, after all that, they will then send me a letter telling me I'm in. For reals this time. No seriously.

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