Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lessons and Observations for the Week

I composed a lovely bullet-pointed post sometime. Maybe on the bus or when I was having a nap. I don't remember what it was but it was awesome. It went something like this:

A game where people don't even score any goals can still be kind of exciting.

It can also be a bit boring. (You can tell this because even the boys are admiring the sunset over the stadium instead of that awesome kick thing that player dude just did.)

Adelaide does know how to rain. Very very coldly. (Incidentally, how can it be only 16 degrees at 5 in the afternoon? That should not be legal.)

Plan a better way to get home than 'we can walk it.' There may not be a 'we' and then where will you be? (Ans: At the hall. Under Jollan's loft bed. Thanks hun, so much.)

People will give you Easter eggs around Easter time. Like at the Hall, at uni. Not at work though. I feel ripped off. Maybe on Saturday.

This will be my first Easter in my new house. Also my first Easter all on my lonesome. Do you think the Easter Bunny will find me?


  1. Being alone on Easter means nobody will see me pigging out on chocolate shaped like cartoon characters all day long.

    That's how I look at it positively.

  2. carlabalala8:44 pm

    The Easter Bunny is overrated. I haven't moved in 13 years and it still didn't find me this year. Bastard. Why is it people think once you turn 16 you don't need Easter Eggs anymore? IT'S CHOCOLATE. YOU ALWAYS NEED CHOCOLATE.


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