Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It'd be an Honour

I re-got a signature. I re-filled in the form. I re-handed it in. They'll get back to me.

I went to buy the book of readings for the first class. But wait, I don't have a student card so I can't. But I can't get a student card because I'm not enrolled. I could provide my timetable, but hang on. I don't have one those either cos I can't enrol. The solution? Get a letter from my Honours convenor. Who has nothing better to do than write letters for me that I could have gone around a corner and written for all the effort it took and all the attention they paid to the letter, once it was procured.

I decided to be a good little Honours student and do the readings. Before class even. What I didn't take into account is that there are EIGHT. For ONE CLASS. For the FIRST WEEK. Which means I just did forty-five pages of readings. And suddenly, ten thousand words doesn't seem like that much to write at all.

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