Thursday, March 06, 2008

How Crazy Is Too Crazy?

As part of The Pom's Aussie Reunion Tour, he and 'the lads' are having one big reunion night at the Crazy Horse.

Two things:
1. The Crazy Horse is a strip club.
2. 'The lads' also includes girls of his acquaintance, which in turn includes me.

My question is, do I go to the Crazy Horse?

On the one hand, it's Reunion Night.
On the other, it's a strip club. They're degrading to women or whatever.
On the I Am Running Out Of Hands hand, it could be hilarious.
On the Over To You hand, I can't make a decision without your input.

Horse or not? Supply valid reasons to support your arguement. Or bribe me with booze. ("Ooh! Booze at the Horse!")

Also, have you ever been to a strip club? Why and how and would you go back or would you never ever go in the first place?


  1. I have been to a strip club before. It wasn't exactly great...the guys had a good time...really all there is for you to do there is drink. I would say go but you might get bored quickly.

  2. i've been to a strip club plenty of biggie.

    although, i have to day, i consider more degrading to women to think that they should feel degraded by using their bodies to make money.
    i mean, the patriarchal world creates a society around us where youth and beauty are rewarded: but, don't let yourself get TOO MUCH reward! then you're just a whore!

    makes no sense to me.


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