Friday, March 28, 2008

So Not

Last year I did so well. I was focussed and motivated (mostly) and prepared.

Now? I've lost it. My study mojo has gone to shit.

After being pulled over by the cops last night for riding unregistered, I got a bus to uni this morning that got me there with about thirty seconds to spare.

First class, we were discussing a book. As everyone I was chatting to on msn last night knows, I was totally bragging about having read a book for uni. Um, genius? Wrong book.

Next class, bring two essays and look at a bunch of websites. After a mad dash to the computer room I had two (fairly irrelevent to the task) essays. "So guys, what did you get out of the websites?" Uh, me? Yeah not much, y'know?

Luckily the topic of conversation was essay writing and structure, which, as we know, I can fucking rock.

I made it work only fifteen minutes late (thanks, buses) and Friday afternoons at the centre are hell fun, as it turned out. I rock the petrol station shop person as well.

We do need to work on the study habit thing, however.


  1. Ah Cops?? Ahh pulled over? Ahhh no rego???????????????

    Em Em Em

  2. And i did NOT know this WHY??


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