Friday, March 14, 2008

Last(?) First Day

BA Office (Wednesday): Sure, no worries. It should take about a day, and then you'll be able to enrol.
Me (Thursday): *Tries unsuccessfully to enrol*
Me (Friday): *Tries unsuccessfully to enrol*
Me (Friday): *Goes to class, not yet enrolled*

I'm not holding my breath, BA Office.

Maybe I just wasn't in a very receptive mood (after all, 9am Friday is not my best time) but I do not like the people in my classes.

They are all creative writing or drama people. Which means they think they are so creative and individual. They pride themselves being all left-wing and un-mainstream, but you know what guys? If you're ALL doing it, it stops being individual and becomes mainstream. They believe they're so free-thinking, yet all the while they are trying to impose their way as the only right way of thinking.

Plus, they're all old and/or fashion challenged. Seriously, how am I meant to work with these people?


  1. carlabalala11:53 am

    I know these types of stupid people. They LIKE the idea of being left-wing, but they'll go home to their McMansion, aspire to own three rental properties, have a gass-guzzling Holden in the driveway and send their kids to private school.

    Stupid bastards. YOU GIVE TRUE LEFTIES A BAD NAME!

  2. When I took advanced creative writing the whole class was like that. They all acted so superior. Their "deep", literary minds weren't down with my science-fiction stories.

    I ended up dropping out. Hopefully, your experience goes better. Good luck!

  3. Hae some fun with them.
    1. ALWAYS turn up looking like a fashion model.
    2. Out left wing them ("The Labor party should revisit Prime Minister Chifley's plan to have the government take over all the banks and production industries".) His name was Ben to his mates, and he's my favourite PM, even better than Curtin.
    Or ("No-one with a university degree should be permitted to represent ther Labor party. It is, after all, the party of the working person")

    Go girl, stir 'em up.

  4. 1) i have a funny story to tell you when we meet up in sanfran.

    2) i am old and at least slightly fashion challenged.
    just thought i should warn you.

  5. Skywalker11:40 pm

    Well most people would say i am fashion challenged... but if everyone wears that stuff then it becomes the 'fasion'

  6. I soooo know what you mean. It bugs the sh-t out of me when people try so HARD to be different, just for the sake of being different, and they think that the ones who don't think different are just wrong, simply because they are majority. Sh-t people.
    That prob didn't make sense, but anywho...


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