Tuesday, March 04, 2008

O-Week: Jetty Bar

I did not know at the time but these photos from Jetty Bar sum up the week pretty well.

This did not seem like a very important moment (and it certainly doesn't look like it) but this was the first time HM and I went out with the Pommy Bastard. The Pom had lived at the Hall a few years ago, was mates with HM, and is back for two months for a visit.

That afternoon, HM had introduced us and was all, "The Pom's going to be staying with us for a few nights." And so began the awesomest week ever.

Part A: Introducing ... the Brown O-Group Leaders! Scav Hunt is one of the best parts of O-Week. And Shelle and HaMad did a great job getting their group to do all the tasks as a group. Good work chickies.

Part B: I miss you guys! It is strange not being down the hall from anyone anymore (except HM I guess) but we're making sure we make an effort. Love ya's!

You would not believe how much walking we did this week. This night we walked home from Jetty Bar - it's a Scav Hunt task, not that I got anything out of it. But I didn't do it while I was at the Hall so now that I've done it I'm really allowed to leave.

We also walked home from the Tonsley, Shags, and all over the city. I'm tired. But even though O-Week is over, we have things planned for every day this week. Blame The Pom.

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