Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I AM a student AKA So many questions

The BA Office ladies overrode whatever system wouldn't let me enrol and signed me up for all my classes. In about five minutes. WOOHOO!!!

Question: Why couldn't you have done this weeks ago?

My name was recorded by the dude on the train who wouldn't let me travel on a student ticket because my Flinders student ID was not valid (then, it is now) and my international student ID wasn't acceptable.

Question: Isn't the point of an international student ID that it's valid anywhere?
Question: How about you don't sell tickets to people without valid ID so they don't end up ON A TRAIN with no money and no ticket?
Question: If that chick hadn't given me change, what would you have done?

Question: Is that even how you spell the word 'question'? QUESTion. KEWSTyun. KooWESTeeon.


  1. carlabalala8:04 pm

    Missy, have you finally cracked it? Did that record-breaking heatwave fry your brain? You really need to come back up here to get re-hydrated.

    It's QWEST-ee-oon. Duh.


  2. QUESTion i think. It's like a fricken massive QUEST.

  3. That is a good QUESTION - what would they have done if you had not been rescued by some nice lady?

    A fate worse than death!

    In the real olden times - even before I was born - the Brits used to throw people in jail for not being able to pay their debts. They were left there until they WERE able to pay.

    do you see a problem here?

    I'm sure the MTA in Adelaide would have adopted the same procedure.

    "You vill not leef this bus until you pay!".

    The Kingston Trio even had a song about - Charlie was short a nickel, so was sentenced "to ride forever neath the streets of Boston, he's the man who never returned".

    Just thought you'd like to know that.


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