Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Back On Track

Last Friday, shitty day that it was, may have actually been a good thing.

Call it a wake-up call or whatever, I plan to do better from now on. Well, maybe from tomorrow or Thursday on since a certain awesome person has sent me movies and episodes and I will be quite busy for some time.

In aid of all this betterness, I am back to my usual checklisted self.

Isn't it pretty? I feel more in control already. Plus, I have a meeting with Supe, my as yet unmet supervisor, on Monday, which should make the whole thesis thing less vague. So really, it's all going to be ok. I may even cross some things off of that pretty list thing up there. (Shush! No! Don't want to hear it.)


  1. carlabalala1:05 am

    Who is this awesome person who has sent you movies and episodes? Where are you getting said movies and episodes, and why haven't you revealed this new information to me? Stop hiding your sources! I command you to tell me! Now!


    You're welcome. No more though until the thesis is complete.

  2. No more movies, no more days at the races, no more early nights - and keep up those lists.

    It'll all be fine.


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