Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Buttons, Parties, and Labels

I have new pretty buttons.

First of all,

I'm Going to BlogHer 08


I'm Drinking at BlogHer 08

and I also plan on this one

I'm Wearing Cute Shoes at BlogHer 08

although shoes do make a suitcase a bit heavy.

There is also that countdown happening over there. If you're looking at the one at the actual BlogHer site and then getting confused, that would be because this one is counting down til I leave. Which is many many hours before I get to San Francisco, which is several days before BlogHer begins. (Now it's not confusing at all.)

Then there is

which is happening on the Thursday before BlogHer.

At the same time, I am supposed to be at the BlogHer Newbie Mixer, but apparently we're allowed to do both? (Why not just have one?)

And the next day, I will be at Ruby Skye, for BlogHer's Friday cocktail party.

Yo, girls: we need to plan some clothes shopping in between the Golden Gate Bridge and the really hilly streets. Seriously.

Moving on, there are now only five blogs at a time over there on the sidebar, and the archives are by year now. It's all so clean and tidy.

And in case you were wondering where all the tags went, I deleted them all. They were annoying me. And, as I'm supposed to be preparing my thesis proposal, deleting labels from 500+ posts seemed like a good idea. They'll be back. (Obviously. I'm still "supposed to be" preparing.)


  1. I'm going, I'm going too! :)

  2. So glad you are coming to our The People's Party!

    Why not have just one? Because we re not in any way affiliated with BlogHer! We just happen to be in the same building.

    I think I'll be going to 3 parties that night, including hosting this one. We can make it through the night, right?

  3. tiff: good, cos i have nothing to wear to an awesome blogher party.

    katelin: awesome! can't wait to meet everyone. and you're invited shopping as well of course.

    megan: it's going to be a huge night but i think we can handle it. not like we have to be awake for anything important the next day right? right??? ;)

  4. Good grief. Is it really that close? Have I really not booked this yet? ACK! ARGH!

  5. don't freak out! cos then i might freak out and i don't really think i have the time.

    get booking! it's gonna be awesome.

  6. I know all the good places here. so even if I am not going to blogher, I may crash the party (sorry!) after we go shopping.

  7. fcm, i am counting on your shopping expertise. and hell yeah crash the party!

  8. can i just say: PARTY!

  9. oooo.... I guess I should open the offer to everyone who is going to blogher and reds this:

    FCM is a NATIVE of SF (whole life besides 4 years for college in santa cruz!) I know all the great places to shop!! and see!

    hmm. maybe we should have a party at my flat too....


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