Monday, April 21, 2008

On Track

I did say I would get on track. And I always intended to. But today it has actually started.

I have been saying all along that "I am not good at uni anymore," which was true but irrelevent. If you're not doing it properly, how about you change what you're doing? (Or not doing in my case.) So I did. I sat down and wrote the first of four mini assignments for one of my classes. Pretty sure there's a major essay but whatever. Ignore it til it goes away. Just kidding!

ANYWAY, my big awesome discovery during that was this: remember the book I didn't read? Yeah, it's still not read. After reading through the questions (always helps!) I found not a single one based on that book. So I subconciously picked the right week to flake out, knowing that I didn't need to read it. Whoo!

(Shut up, Mr Improve Yourself Read The Readings Engage In Discussions.)

Now I am off to do yet more work. Uni work twice in one day! What is the world coming to?

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