Thursday, April 10, 2008

Comment / Question

Holly said...
Ok, I've never even heard of that before...enlighten me?

Now here is the thing. I never know how to reply to people who ask things in the comments. Firstly because I can never tell if you (not you personally Holly, just you the world) actually want an answer. But mainly because I don't know if you want an email, or a reply in the comments, or a whole post.

I know some of the "big" bloggers make a practice of replying to every comment by email, which ... dude, that's a waste of energy. And I know some who reply to every comment in a comment. And I know some who ignore comments like "Oh wow" or "That's so funny!" or "Me too!" which is exactly the response that is required.

So that is part one of this topic: if you ask a question in the comments, do you expect a reply from another commenter? Or would you like a comment / email / post from me? What is it that you want?!

(Holly, we'll get to your question in the next post. Now I have to go and do another third of my assignment.)

1 comment:

  1. Well, for me personally:

    If I ask a question I like for it to be answered. If I leave a comment like, "hahaha, that was soo funny" dude, no response necessary. Cause, really, what response can you put to that? "I know"?

    For me, when I'm responding to comments, I used to respond to ALL of them, but then, like I said above, it gets to the point where..what can you say? So now unless I have something insightful to add, or I'd like to discuss a point you made, or I need to answer a question, I just read the comments and move on.


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