Friday, April 25, 2008

Study Day

Once again, the internet is proving itself supremely helpful.

No shit, Sherlock. (Oops! Spoiler!)

By the way, I have an awesome routine going. TV, food, read blogs, write an essay, check a random definition, check blogs, check email, finish essay, TV, etc.

Incidentally, isn't it a worry when Hannah Montana is the best thing that cable TV has to offer?

Edited To Add:

10:33pm: Woohoo! I'm done! Four mini-essays written and handed in. I feel very on track over here, how about you?


  1. four! 4!! IV!!!
    that is impressive.

    skyW says to inform you that he has no essays completed, requested or current.

    Education is a myth!

    Myth! Myth?

  2. sw: you can have some of mine. yeth?


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