Monday, November 17, 2008

To Plan Or Not To Plan

You may recall that vsquared, skywalker, and I (my dad, my brother, and myself, respectively) are heading off on a road trip just after Christmas.

Dad would like it to be some driving off into the sunset, going where the road takes us, beholden to no man, kind of thing. Which I like the sound of, not least because I really have no idea how I did the same trip in three days last year. (I got a speeding ticket. I don't know if that's at all relevent.) Which is all well and good, except that ... the road is taking us to Melbourne. And also it's one of the most touristed stretches of road in Australia. But hey, I'm down with throwing cares to the wind and whatever else.

Until I got asked what had happened to all the planning I was supposed to be doing. Um, like that planning we were expressly forbidden to do? Yeah, that.

The trip, she is planned.

(I am totally not ripping on my dad, here. We are both completely on the same page, which is the one titled Plan Now, Rock Out Later, but also, I have to say, Giving Shit is in the Daughter job description, as is Plan The Perfect Road Trip While The Boys Bum Around At Home, so you know I can't help it. Any of it.)


  1. I would love to have a go where the road takes me trip. But, I must plan mine as I freak out when I'm on the road and I don't know where I'm going...
    Your trip, either way sounds fun. Is it just you and your Dad, then? That is pretty cool.

  2. It would be nice to just "head out" and go where the road leads - FUN! I'm a planner - I can't wait for the day when I don't have to do so much doggone planning!

    Hope you guys have fun on your trip. We are planning a Christmas trip and I can't wait!

    Nice to see you today, Missy. Have a good week - Kellan

  3. if that blue snaky thing is our route, I think you missed Penola, and hit Robe instead.

    What sort of planner are you??

  4. okay that trip looks sort of awesome. woo for road trips!

  5. Aimee: Yep, just me and my boys. Next time I'm there, we could totally do a follow the road one.

    Kellan: Hope you guys have fun, too!

    V2: That was for blogging purposes only. It only includes the overnights, not the places to visit. And PS 'blame Google Maps' is going to be my default position on queries like this.

    Katelin: It is going to be TOTALLY awesome.

  6. Yeah ok, soo dont blame me for my lack of planning....

    1) I had to go and find clothes for Formal.. (ok that took all of like 10 seconds, but still..)

    2) I have exams coming up.. i need to study

    and 3) Umm.. yeah I dont have a 3....


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