Monday, November 03, 2008

Falling Apart

My world seems to be falling apart. Like, literally. This is not me being all dramatic because I can't find my favourite pair of boxer shorts or whatever. (Although seriously? Holly? Tiff? Las Vegas? Did I leave them with you?)

I had to take the Scarlet Lady in for a service today. It only took a few hours, and I told them to check the spark plugs, which I'm pretty sure is what caused her little tantrum the other day. If I pick her up tomorrow and they say that wasn't it, I'm going to send them back in to look for some other problem.

My wireless internet adaptor cracked the shits and refused to be recognised by my computer. I spent a very unproductive 23 minutes on the phone with tech support, who told me I could call them back, press 4 instead of 2 and they'd arrange for me to send the adaptor to them. I said thanks, hung up, and spent five minutes at Tandy getting a replacement and free upgrade.

Our shower head has been wobbly for some time, but nothing that affected the basic operation of the system. Until yesterday, when it decided to break completely off. Now, you get to have a shower with bonus childhood memories of playing under the hose. You also get to wait around the house all day for a plumber who didn't show but bloody well better be here bright and early tomorrow morning, or at the very least by the time you get back from the gym.

Ok, I guess it was me being a little dramatic, since all the things that have broken are fixed, or on their way to being fixed. I'm just glad it wasn't anything essential, like, I don't know, MY SCOOTER, or MY INTERNET, or MY SHOWER. OH WAIT.

Oops. The plumber just showed. I can offically quit my fricking whinging.


  1. When it rains it pours, huh? Sorry you're having such a pain in the ass time!

  2. i realize this is the wrong post, but i'm sending you some candy corn.
    p.s. keep your fingers crossed for america tomorrow!

  3. Thanks Aimee! It's gotten better since.

    Tiff: OOH! And Ben&Jerrys! And Cherry Chapstick! And In-N-Out! Heh, jokes.

    Fingers are crossed.


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