Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween and Homecoming: Help

I came home yesterday to 101 new posts in my feedreader, and probably 98 of them were about Halloween. I'm kind of jealous!

From my time at the Hall, I've decided I love costume parties, of which there are an awful lot when you live there. On the other hand, spend a shitload of money on chocolates and lollies for other people? I'm not really a fan. So I'm kind of glad we don't really do Halloween here (and also I think putting the apostrophe in it is really obnoxious) because there's no obligation, but you will always be able to find a dress-up party happening on the night if you want one.

This year I learned what candy corn is (thanks everyone who posted photos). All this time I had a vague idea that it was that like honey popcorn stuff that I hate. Turns out it's ... what is it exactly? I know what it looks like, and I assume it tastes a lot like sugar, but I still don't know what it is precisely.

So there's that. AND: I was watching Heroes Season One, where they're all, "Save the cheerleader, save the world," all the time, and Claire's about to get killed at Homecoming. And I realised I don't know what the hell Homecoming is, either. Something to do with football ... and cheerleaders ... and a dance ... and kings and queens? I could Google it, I suppose, but I like your answers better than Google's.


  1. The main ingrediant in Candy corn is marshmallow. But not in a mushy form, kinda like a stale marshmallow. yucky in my personal opinion.

    Homecoming is THE BIG football game (AMerican football) of the schoolyear where the Alumni all come back and celebrate their school. There is a big formal dance for the students and a king and queen are crowned as well as their court.

  2. Candy corn is the foulest candy ever! You aren't missing much.
    Homecoming is like a dance...with cheerleaders and kings and queens, you got it.

  3. Candy Corn is bad, but Circus Peanuts are worse. Especially Spongebob Squarepants Banana Circus Peanuts. Five great words that do NOT go great together.

    I always assumed the "Homecoming" game was a designated mid-season game that was the first "home" game after several "away" games. We used to have a big bonfire for our High School football team's Homecoming, but I must have missed it this year.

  4. Thanks you guys. You all rock.


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