Friday, November 21, 2008

Man, I Must Be Getting Old

I think you can safely say you're an adult when you start complaining about there being too many people at the shops. All of whom feel the need to take up the whole aisle and most likely do it from right in front of something you want to look at, and make sudden stops in the middle of the walkway when all you want to do is walk down it, and who apparently bought all the good things just seconds before you got there.

Following that last point, I really think someone needs to make a shop called Things You Can Buy For Your Dad For His Birthday (That Won't Cost Too Much To Post). I really feel this would be a service to society, possibly deserving of some sort of medallion.

And they wonder why all their presents came from shops ending in .com.


  1. some people really like shops that end in .com.

    speaking of which go thinkgeek and have a look at some of the maths and science Ts.
    particularly "You are here".
    skyW might need the astral directions some time.

  2. I hate when those moments happen that make you realize you're getting old.


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