Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Um ... Oops?

So apparently the answer to the planning question was no, and the question wasn't actually about a holiday, it was about posts for NaBloPoMo. Which has been renamed to NaBloPo17DaysInNo, because, well, I didn't plan and therefore forgot to post yesterday. My bad.

I totally have no excuse either (although my internet was a little spotty, it was ok for enough of the night to let me check up on what to expect on this week's Heroes, because I have no patience like that) as I simply got distracted with Season One of The OC and the prospect of working in the middle of the week and thinking about how much my stomach would hurt tomorrow (which is today, and I can confirm the answer is: like a total mofo, thanks a lot, Pushy McTrainerson).

So ... sorry about that. On the plus side, your feed reader will be minus one pointless post every day for the rest of November (not that I'm not going to post for the rest of the month, but hopefully they will all have a point), because I really didn't have anything to say yesterday, I don't think.

Ooh, except this: I went shopping last week for a dress for graduation, and found one. Now I need shoes. Last week I walked past a shoe shop and saw some I thought I might like, but I had to get home, so I didn't try them on or anything. I thought about them all week and decided I loved them, and today after work I went to have a look at them. And dudes, the shoes in my imagination were totally awesome and totally do not look like a the real thing, so much so that I had to ask if they were perhaps moved due to their awesomeness, even though the rest of the display looked exactly the same, and ... no? Ok, then. Imaginary shoes for grad it is!

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