Friday, November 14, 2008

The Internet Age Needs To Take A Chill Pill

Does anyone know why Blogger's new embedded comment form refuses to work for some people? Computers are being threatened with rocks if this issue isn't resolved.

I'm not really a fan of Facebook's new chat feature. More specifically, I don't like people jumping right in and chatting to me when really I was just there to see if there were any new comments on my photos, or something. On the other hand, I really like it for jumping on, asking someone a quick question, and going back to whatever I needed the answer for. On the other other hand, it's like, I sign in to Facebook when I wouldn't sign on to a messaging program cos I don't want to chat, and then people pop up all HA! "hi!" and then you have to chat. On whatever the next hand is, I totally do that to people too, especially cos I have a bunch of people on Facebook that I don't IM with. So yeah. Facebook chat: I feel like protocol is still being established. (That was way more words than ever needed to be written about Facebook chat.)

Don't you think it's weird that everyone totally knows what you're doing every second? Like, someone could publish a blog post and then someone else could comment, and you'd be like, "OMG, that person was totally just reading my blog!" And then you could reply to their comment, and they'll know that you're on your computer. Or if you didn't reply, they'd be like, "Why the hell not, when you're on Facebook chat right this second and your Twitter feed says you're lazing around watching TV?" I guess my point is that it now seems weird when instantaneous communication doesn't elicit an immediate reply. The internet age needs to take a chill pill.

Words that Blogger's spellcheck doesn't understand: Blogger's, Facebook, IM, OMG, internet.


  1. The comment form pisses me off because I can't expand it. It remains trapped in this little tiny corner of the screen. Dunno why but it sucks.

  2. So far my computer hasn't been hit with a rock.

    I love what you say about people knowing when you're online and stuff. If someone sends me an email and I know they're online, and I don't want to respond right away, I feel like I can't twitter or comment on blogs because I might get busted not returning their email.

    I love this post.


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