Sunday, November 09, 2008

Weekend Finale

This weekend was amazing.

I finished my last essay on Thursday, went to the Tons that night, slept over at the Hall, went to the Musical, slept in (missing the Pageant, but you can't have everything), went to dinner at Hog's Breath, ate the yummiest chocolate fondue, made fun of all the drunk people at the Grand, skipped both cleaning my room and the gym (and if that combination doesn't make for an awesome weekend, I'm not sure what does), and today, got to see Carla and eat the Qantas club out of house and pretzels.

I really remembered why it's easy to love living at the Hall - karaoke and signing (t-shirts and people) at the Tons, lazing around the Hall after a night out, and after the Musical about five people got their heads shaved in front of a huge crowd in the Common Room. Seriously good times.

I also remembered why I love Darwin and Carla. Thanks for visiting, babe!

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