Thursday, November 06, 2008

Last Essay!

Today I handed in my last essay.

I haven't mentioned the topic before now, because I didn't want to influence my subject at all, but I managed to babble out almost 6000 words on the monetisation of the blogosphere. (I'll probably add all the links I used later on.)

Of course, handing it in couldn't go smoothly - every time I sent my 4 page reference list to the printer it came up as 32 pages and $5 worth. Uh, no thanks. So that was weird. In the end the library tech people printed it off with their card just to see what would happen. It printed out the four pages no worries. No idea how much they got charged for it though!

Then the library stapler was out of staples, so I had to ask that library person for some. She was all, "You can just use the electric one," which frankly scares me. But I did it. And it was out of staples. Yeah, the library people really hated me today.

In the end, though, I HANDED IN MY LAST ESSAY!

Which means I'm done, which means I am heading out! Pics from the Tons to come, maybe tomorrow, or maybe not, because I have a very full few days ahead of me, and I am hella excited!

Ok, so my mates are taking their sweet time getting ready to go out, so here are the links I used in my essay. Thanks all! Heather B Paul Boutin Bri Amalah Federated Media: Dooce Reyhan Harmanci Heather Holly Whoorl Kacey Carrie Kirby The Bloggess MommyTime Rose Rose Sara Technorati: State of the Blogosphere 2008


  1. woo woo congrats on the last essay! that is awesome :)

    time to celebrate!

  2. Does this mean you're visiting me Sunday stress-free? Hurrah!

  3. Thanks Katelin! I'm pretty pumped.

    Hell yeah, Carla! It's going to be great.


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