Wednesday, November 05, 2008

On This Day

On this day, history was made. On this day, the United States of America elected their new president. On this day, two young Australian girls texted each other about the election of Barack Obama.

Much as I want to smack America for considering itself the centre of the universe, I have to admit that on occasions like this one, it really is. This decision will affect the future of America and the rest of the world. Yesterday, I watched the Melbourne Cup - the race that stops a nation - and today I watched Obama's victory speech ... another event which stopped a nation. This was the first time I have heard him speak, and I have to tell you, I got a shiver. Several times.

I think it is very cool of America to elect Obama as president.
I am glad the political posts can stop.
I find it impressive that so many of you cared so deeply about the future to write all those posts.
I find it odd that you guys don't have to vote, and that some of you had to wait so long to do so.
I am glad that you did.

Here's to an awesome future for the whole entire world.

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