Sunday, February 03, 2008

Only a year or so behind the times

Approximately ten bajillion years ago, everyone decided it would be cool to show you what they had cluttering up their bag/purse things.

Aaaaaaaand Missy finally catches that train, ten bajillion years too late.

Here is my bag:

Here is my stuff:

Fascinating, no? (No. You're right. I understand.)

We have:
a stapler (yep, not sure myself)
directions to the Buckingham Arms, and to the Royal Oaks Hotel
movie tickets to The Golden Compass
scooter keys, Darwin house key, a Rubic's Cube keyring
a spark plug
a Daim lolly thing
four dollars and ten cents in change
two cards from bloggy-type people
five bus tickets
the tag from my new top
cherry chapstick
my wallet
three pens, a rubber band, Anais's pen that I am yet to post
reciepts from Ikea and Dan Murphy's
a headband, a comb
a lid from ... yeah, I got nothing.

Tomorrow I'm going to be rocking an eye patch and a wand. Cos I'm down with what's up, ya dig?

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