Thursday, February 14, 2008

What's New?

Yeah so after all those moving posts, I kinda ran out of things to talk about. So we're going to manufacture something for ya.

I am in my new house. My new room is only missing a wardrobe and my clothes. Everything else is set up and colour co-ordinated. Oh, and I need to buy a big mirror. And a big photo frame so I can put lots of photos on my wall.

I have a shower with awesome water pressure. I feel like washing my hair every day just cos I know the water will get all the shampoo out if I do. (My hair does not like being washed every day, so I'm resisting the urge.)

I have cable. This is a bad thing. I planned my shopping trip yesterday so as to not interfere with Sabrina's wedding. Also going on: House is still a prick, Maddy does a decent musical bitch, and Elliott wears a lot of red lipstick to help her through her breast cancer. Maggie is about to die, Kim Possible saved the world again (as do Buffy, Angel, SG1, and the Halliwells) Jess crashed Rory's car, wacky magical hijinks ensued, Kate loves Dave, Luke loves Angie (so does Pete), Mickey loves Georgia, Mac hasn't met Harm yet, Meredith loves Derek no wait Derek's with Addison no wait he's with her sister. xoxo.

I'm working in childcare and at A Sports Store. This is fun. Mostly.

I haven't starved yet, and in fact have even cooked things. With ingredients. On the stove. Downside? Washing up. Oh yeah.

So, that's me. How you doing?

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