Monday, February 18, 2008

I need a ruler

So, I'm filling out one of those online application forms that I'm pretty sure goes straight into the spam folder, when I come to this:

"Achievements." Let's see.

ASS: I held down counter all by myself for a whole day while Counter Chick and Manager Guy were off enjoying themselves at the Big Day Out. I even managed to count the money right at the end of the night.

Darwin Childcare: I consistently put a kid to sleep who never ever wanted to go to sleep. I managed to convince a kid who never ever ate anything except sandwiches and hot chips that mashed potato was just like fries, here take a bite. I managed to think up a new hairstyle almost every day for the cutest kid in the world.

What is it that they're after, exactly?


  1. You wrote a brilliant essay that so mystified your lecturer that you got an A++,
    you completed a Eng Lit BA with average A+-+,
    you ride the Lady down South Road, being cheeky to the trucks and buses, and are still alive!!

    What more do they want?

  2. what are hot chips?
    and how did you manage to count money correctly? i hardly ever manage that...


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