Friday, February 01, 2008

The Boogie Board Saga

Today I was tasked with finding two boogie boards, the same (particular) size, but in two different colours.

I was planning to try and get the both from one store, but if that didn't work, get one from one and one from another. And if I couldn't get that exact size, I was allowed to get one bigger. All good, right?


No-one in the whole of Adelaide had either of the two sizes I wanted. They had smaller, and they had larger, but that didn't help me because (a) they didn't want those sizes and (b) we had those sizes anyway.

Eventually, we decided that the size up would be ok, but of course, we only had one of them, and we needed two.

So, I started calling every single freaking store all over again.

Luckily, I managed to get one reasonably quickly, they promised to hold it, making me fall in love with them, and I went to Subway to buy celebratory cookies.

BUT THEN: they called back and said oops, wrong one. So I told them it was over between us. It's not me, it's YOU. You and your WRONG BOOGIE BOARD. And I'M going to eat ALL THE COOKIES.

So I went back to the phone YET AGAIN oh my lord.

Finally, FINALLY, I tracked down the right one, the right size, the right colour AND the right price, and organised a transfer.

That was my freaking awesomely good deed for the day, and my karma should be golden from now on.

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