Thursday, October 07, 2010

NaBloPoMo: October 2010, Day 7

October, apparently, is now costume party month. (Possibly it's always been this way, what with Halloween occurring in it and all, and I just haven't noticed, since we never really 'did' Halloween when I was young, unless you count it being used as the theme for our Semester Two School Socials.)

I need to come up with three costumes, to which I am assigning a budget of, say, $1. Okay, $1 each.

Costume 1: Something starting with H. Horse, hermit crab, hadrosaurus. Hercules, the Hydra, Helen of Troy. Hornblower, Huckleberry Finn, Captain Hook. Hairy Maclary, Humpty Dumpty, Old Mother Hubbard. Hiro Nakamura, Howard Wolowitz, Han Solo. Or - with the benefit of ease (due to the low price of black material) if not too much originality - Harry Potter or Hermione Granger?

Costume 2: Something to do with GOLD. Princess Leia's gold bikini? Gold Bond-girl body paint? Wear a gold dress? Yellow toga that I already own?

Costume 3: Anything at all. This might appear attractive at first - you can go as whatever you want! - but really? TOO VAGUE.

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